CSSConf Budapest 2019 September 25

Kathrin Holzmann

Kathrin Holzmann

CSS in JS - beware the Hype!

Everyone is hyped about CSS in JS - but is it really worth the hype? Or are there already ways to solve the Problems - maybe even in a better way?

We are living in a mostly hype-driven world, where many people have the fear of missing out on the latest technologies. Rockstar developers are pitching their favorite cutting edge technologies almost every day. But mostly in a un-balanced way focusing only on the benefits. In my talk i will visit the hype around CSS in JS as an example. I will have a closer look on the reasons why we should use CSS in JS and why not. This will enable the audience to take a better, non-biased decision about the right technology for them and their projects.


I am a frontend engineer of more than 10 years. I currently live in Berlin where I am also a Mentor for female students. I always want to share my passion about frontend with everyone.