CSSConf Budapest 2019 September 25

Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner

The Weird — Yet Practical — World of Paint Worklets

Of all the fun stuff in Houdini, paint worklets are arguably the most fun. It’s blends what’s great about the Canvas API, and makes the art you can create with it easily usable in CSS. Such a blend of technologies can only lead to very best kind of fun and experimentation the web is known for.

Come to this session and you’ll understand how paint worklets, well, work. But the really good stuff will be in all the inspired experimentation that can come from experimenting with the programatic generation of art and graphics, and how we can practically use it in our designs. If the intersection between weird and usable is your thing, you’ll feel right at home with paint worklets!


Jeremy Wagner is a web performance consultant working for Siteimprove in The United States. He frequently speaks and writes about the web, and the importance of making it faster and more usable for everyone, everywhere.