CSSConf Budapest 2019 September 25

Giulia Cardieri

Giulia Cardieri

CSS Games and Drawings in the Real World: Useful or Just Fun?

How did you learn CSS? The standard way is in a class, online course, or even during an internship - but what if I told you that you can learn it by making a game. Don’t believe me? Well, I conducted a survey with developers that pointed out 100% of the people that made a CSS game or drawing learned something new in the process.

In this talk, I’ll present an illustrated space-themed game developed only with HTML+CSS. Trust me, on this talk, I’ll convince you to develop games and drawings using CSS by showing the benefits of these learning methods on your career in front-end. You are not a creative person, fine, let’s also demystify the myth that these drawings and games are exclusively made by super creative people.


Giulia is a Front-end Developer at Toptal. She is a CSS enthusiast that enjoys developing small and fun projects that assist in learning new technologies (like her dinosaur that speaks a mysterious language). She enjoys joining initiatives to make the technology field more welcoming to women, such as joining the organization team of Rails Girls Sorocaba.